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Sanjay's career began in management consulting and ultimately transitioned into digital and mobile marketing and advertising. He is passionate about helping brands engage with consumers in impactful ways and scale emerging media and technologies. Having successfully founded a variety of startup companies himself, Sanjay is a driven entrepreneur with specific knowledge of the startup ecosystem. Sanjay first started at Emerson College as an Emerson Launch Mentor and has now taken on the role of Director to help infuse creative and problem solving thinking skills into academia.
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Khaling, as he prefers to call himself, is an international graduate student from Nepal in the Marketing Communication program. He comes to this job with a background in Audio Visual Production, after working for two years in India producing documentaries and tv shows and even dabbling a little with advertisements. Working closely with the Director of Launch, Khaling helps coordinate various projects and is currently undertaking a venture to install Voice assistants and skills that can be helpful students and faculty at Emerson.

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Aakanksha is a graduate student from India enrolled in the Civic Media: Art and Practice program at Emerson College. Prior to this, she earned her BA in Communication from UMass-Amherst. Having lived in three different countries, she is intrigued by the ways in which media travel across different cultures and societies. She hopes to use media to drive social change in communities through storytelling. Being the newest addition to the Launch team, Aakanksha redesigned the website and is looking forward to creating more content for the organization.