Name: Baron Holmes
Email Address:
Business Name: Trngle
Video Pitch :


What’s your idea? Give your elevator pitch. (300 characters):

Trngle is a web and app-based platform that enables you to explore people’s creative work and gives you the tools you need to develop, market, and recruit for your passion projects or businesses.

What problem does it solve? How? For whom? (500 characters):

If any driven amateur creative wants to start a passion project or business, they are limited to crowdsourcing and recruit from their personal network. This restricts their talent pool and opportunities. Additionally, the pieces of work that are the outcome of a project have a limited audience. For example, an Emerson film is typically only seen by a small piece of the Emerson community, but individuals from the Boston (and beyond) could be interested in it. Discovering people’s creative work, based on location, enables people to experience how creative content differs from city to city.

How big is that market or audience? (140 characters):

15.5 million people in the U.S. are freelancers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2020, it is expected there will be 70 million American freelancers. (

What is innovative and unique about your idea? (300 characters):

There is currently not a platform for amateurs creatives to recruit multiple individuals for a project that cross multiple creative mediums. For example, if a person is looking for an actor, a female model, a graphic designer, lighting technician, etc. all for one project, he or she would have to go to multiple sites to recruit the individuals that they cannot find through their own personal network. Trngle makes this a one step process.

What evidence do you have that proves the need for your idea? (500 characters):

I have organized interviews with fifty people, for two years, about the needs and problems of people wanting to recruit individuals for creative projects. Additionally, The Association of American College & Universities conducted a study that employers ranked college students on 20 skills of how prepared they are. The percentage gap between how employers ranked the college students and how they ranked themselves differed greatly. Trngle would give driven creatives more opportunities to work on independent projects, which will give them needed real work experience before leaving college. (

How will you make money (if profit-oriented) or fund your project (if not for profit)? (200 characters):

We will become profitable through a combination of promotional content on the app and website and charging companies to find them perfect candidates for any position they are looking for; this is done by algorithms my co-founder has already developed.

Team: Harry(Baron) Holmes, 2016, Marketing Major Emerson College, Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier and social media expert, Role: Chief Operational Officer. 

Sky Krauthamer, Computer Science Major Carnegie Mellon, Skills: Big Data Analytics
Database Design
Models and Methods for Optimization
Fundamentals of System Development
Principles of Imperative Computation
Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences
Application Development
Role: CEO

Infrastructure and Accelerator Funding: I want to spend as little money as possible. Because my co-founder is a developer, I would use the funding to purchase above and below the line marketing supplies. I would create individual marketing campaigns that target each of the Pro Art Schools. I would organize booths at the Pro Art Schools campuses and incentive the students to download the app, create a profile and upload content by giving them a free Chipotle Burrito after completion; a really successful marketing campaign that I did when interning for another startup. I would also like to purchase leads from An extremely reputable and cheap website to obtain leads that multiple startups that I have connections to.

Traction: What's your best idea for interacting with customers to demonstrate they will adopt your solution? (500 characters): I would gather groups of people from the six Pro Art Schools, and ask them if the problems that Trngle is solving are the same problems they run into when trying to reach their independent project goals. I would also show the group example projects that have been developed through the use of the Trngle app to show the values of the platform. Additionally, there will be example content on the Trngle platform so the alpha testing group truly gets a feel for the possibilities of the app.

Growth: What are your short and long term goals?: In the beginning, I would like the Pro Art Schools to be the early adopters of Trngle because the collection of schools vary so greatly in focuses: music, film, dance, art, architecture, communications, theater, etc. From there, I want to expand to other schools in the Boston area and other creative epicenters. My long term goals for this year is to have a substantial presence in major cities such as New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. My goal for the company is for Trngle to be the platform for freelancers, of any type, to get work wherever they are in the world. Additionally, where creatives get inspiration for their work.

How many hours each week will you work on this project? (20 characters): As many hours that are necessary to reach my short and long term goals.

What aspects of the WeWork space will be most beneficial to you? (200 characters): WeWork is an office space that is filled with influential people, revolutionary ideas, inspiration. The WeWork space will provide the fuel for new ideas and refine the Trngle platform more than any other work environment.
Give an example of a significant risk you took to further your personal development. (150 characters): My freshman year of high school, I decided to hold myself back because I knew I would be more successful with students in the grade below me. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Additionally, I transferred to Emerson College because of the excellent marketing program, and it is the perfect environment to launch my startup.
Give an example of a time you sought advice from someone you didn't know. (150 characters): Entrepreneurship events like Greenhorn Connect, I would introduce myself to a lot of people, especially individuals that have knowledge in my industry like Panos Panay who started the company Sonicbids.
What else should we know about you? (200 characters): Trngle is something I have been passionate about ever since I came up with the idea two years ago. Running the company is what I want to be doing after college. I have completely designed the entire app. I gave up travelling abroad, family activities and many other experiences because I believe that Trngle will change the world for the better.