You bring the idea. Here's what Emerson will provide. 



Mentors provide advice to Emerson Launch participants and are invited to monthly #ThirdFriday Mentor Meetings on campus.

Susanne Althoff

 Jake Bailey  Co-Founder, Emerson Launch

Kelly Bowker

Katie Burkhart

Albion Calaj

Tripp Clemens  Co-Founder, Emerson Launch

Liz Cormack

Lauren Landry 

 Katie Martell

Murali Minnah

Sanjay Pothen

Lu Ann Reeb

Cathy Waters

Bill Wittenberg

Board of Advisers

Established professionals from across the country advise the director.


Off-campus space at WeWork.

Reserved for students to connect, collaborate, and create.


Up to $2,000 is available per semester, for students to invest in resources that will help them improve their concept or launch their venture.