As one of our two newly launched tracks, the Innovator track is focused at students who want to enhance their designing thinking skills through a focus on technology innovation.  This academic year's focus is on voice.

In the study of expression we must begin by studying human nature, for oratory is the expression
of human nature.
— Charles Wesley Emerson


Emerson College was started by Charles Wesley Emerson as a school of oratory in 1880. The school started out as a pioneer of voice, and over the years, it has grown to accommodate the ever-growing demands of arts, marketing and communications. The Launch team is excited to be working closely with the School of Communication to pave the way for voice!

We are seeing an increasing amount of real-world applications that utilize voice technologies. Our society is making a shift to immersive, conversational marketing — to voice! We believe that voice can be the most powerful mode of storytelling. With a focus on arts and communication, we believe that Emerson students are ever-ready to leverage their expertise with technology innovation. We’re looking forward to collaborating with professionals as well as students and staff to integrate voice-enabled technologies into the Emerson College community and the Boston area!

Voice Enabling the Campus

We have been working closely with the School of Communication to pave the way for engagement through voice. Together, we released two voice skills.

  1. We created a new skill in collaboration with WERS (88.9FM), one of Emerson’s two radio stations. If you own an EchoDot, you can now listen to the station by saying, “Alexa, play Emerson College Radio”.

  2. Emerson College is one of the first schools to have a virtual assistant, "Em", who will answer frequently asked questions and help keep students updated about important on-campus happenings.

Alexa Innovation Fellowship 

Emerson Launch will be a part of Amazon’s inaugural Alexa Innovation Fellowship. Emerson College will be the only one, of 18 participating universities, that is dedicated to arts and communication. The Alexa Innovation Fellowship strives to support the work of student entrepreneurs who are interested in voice technology. Sanjay Pothen, Emerson Launch Director, will be an Innovation Fellow at Amazon. Read more about the Fellowship here.

Voice Lab

We are in the process of creating a space for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to work on projects and ventures related to voice. The Lab will be equipped with technologies that include Amazon gear as well as other Alexa-compatible devices. We will host workshops to educate students on building voice skills, and students will also be able to sign up for Voice Playground to try, test and play with the equipment.

 Voice Camp

Students in Voice Camp will learn about voice technology and then ideate around how voice can be used to solve broad everyday problems. Selected students will learn how to build voice apps (no coding required!) and make money in the process. Apply