Our Impact

Current Cohort

Yellow Taxi Press

Alyssa and Madeline are working towards launching Yellow Taxi Press, a publishing startup that focuses on the experience of the "twenty-something years". Their startup will include fiction, creative nonfiction, and essays.


Taelon is working on Eeggs.com, the world's largest Easter Egg Website. Currently in an Alpha build, it has over 14,000 recorded Easter Eggs and over 20,000 Registered Accounts. Taelon plans to modernize it and aggregate even more easter eggs into one central location.

Musical Garden

Lea Neumann is creating Musical Garden, a space for musicians and those involved in the music industry to find each other and seek opportunities to grow, perform, and connect. Her application will be a virtual marketplace for actual musicians to producers and mixers.




Stephanie Wittenbach and Samantha Secor are collaborating to create an application that will allow students to find local tutors... and also the possibility of love! Combining the goal of dating applications like Tinder with a resource that many college students desperately need, tutoring, Stephanie and Samantha are helping students excel at their academics and potentially find romance within their field of study.



We have successfully helped to launch 12 startups. 



We're proud to say that we have worked with a range of professionals.