Your project can have one or two founders as active members of the program. 

The most successful projects have members with different areas of focus and complementary skills.

Keep Your Idea Simple.

We're looking for ideas that you can explain to anyone. Your ability to articulate your vision and mission is key.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture.

What problem does your idea solve?

How does it do so? For whom does it do so?

What evidence or experience do you have?

How are you going to grow? How do you measure growth?

How do you measure success? Profit? Passion? Impact? All of the above?

Where When Do I Apply?

The application for the next cycle will be posted on the website and announced in the header.

Applications for spring term will be solicited during late December/early January.  

You can view the most recent version of the application below.

What Should I Include In My Video Pitch for the Application?

You should be the speaker in the pitch video. (It's not a commercial!) Describe the problem your venture solves and how you're going to solve it, and why you're the person to do it.


There's loads of helpful information online about how to pitch.

We love this video for its creativity, so let it inspire you!