We're not accepting applications, yet. Stay tuned.

Applications are open to undergraduate and graduate students from all majors. 

The Emerson Launch Advisory Board will review applications and admit the startups.

The Emerson Launch Director will notify all applicants regarding the status of their application.

Communicate clearly and concisely!  

Name *
Please provide a website or blog, if available, for your business. A YouTube or Vimeo account or Facebook page is also acceptable.
Include a persuasive video pitch, a YouTube or Vimeo link, no more than two minutes long, that describes your idea and the problem it solves.
Include data from research you have completed or proof from your own personal experience.
Include names, graduation year, major, skills, and role on team, including yourself.
Startups have to work with limited resources so explain briefly how you'd spend up to $2,000 each semester. What materials, services, or tools do you expect to buy?
What benchmarks can you confidently reach within the first year?