Jamie Calabrese - Aesthete 

Jamie Calabrese - Aesthete 


Aesthete is an online media platform that hosts videos of locals sharing their favorite places to go in their home city. The footage is then passed on to tourists with the hope that they will use it to plan their next trip.

  Kayla Saliba & Kim Gonzalez -  Oddspace

Kayla Saliba & Kim Gonzalez - Oddspace


Oddspace is the Airbnb of events. Utilize your space! Rent it out or host your own event. Be a part of Boston's underground scene through art shows, basement concerts and pop up dinners. Your event, you design it! 

 Kayla Serra & Noah Spahn -  The Serra Project

Kayla Serra & Noah Spahn - The Serra Project


The Serra Project  creates and designs kits to allow blind individuals to safely refurbish a walking cane for a substantially reduced price.


  Noé Álvarez -  Tejuino

Noé Álvarez - Tejuino


Tejuino, sometimes called Tesgüino, is a favorite, sacred drink among Mexicans and the world-class runners of Northern Mexico—the Tarahumaras. It is an ancient, pre-Columbian beverage fermented from maize (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) and consumed for nutritional, social, and spiritual purposes.

“An elixir for healing.”


 April W - Urban Journaling 

April W - Urban Journaling 

Urban Journaling

Urban Journaling is an initiative to encourage people to put their ideas on paper and into action. Through accumulating inspirations and observations around you on a daily basis and processing them through writing, one can slowly build up knowledge about themselves and things they are passionate about.





BRÜZD is is an organization that makes the best of produce that would otherwise be wasted.
They believe in the idea of, "less waste, more taste" by celebrating the 60 million tons of food wasted every year. 

Alum-Charles Anthony_e-Ga Media.jpg

e-Ga Media

e-Ga Media is an online learning solution for innovators in African countries to acquire skills in Digital Media. Initial focus will be on two courses, Basic Video Production and Video Editing, which will be translated into Swahili and other languages. 

Alum-Harry-Small Batch.jpg

Small Batch

Small Batch is a custom snack designer that focuses on delivering an honest and delicious snacking experience to all.

 Maya Rafie and Zac DelVecchio - bistara

Maya Rafie and Zac DelVecchio - bistara


bistara is the world's first college freelance marketplace that connects college freelancers to other students and communities nationwide.

 Amy DePaola and McKenna Stephens - IndieMEDIAry

Amy DePaola and McKenna Stephens - IndieMEDIAry


IndieMEDIAry is a social marketplace that allows female creators to showcase their work and interact with one another.

 Mariana Tinoco - Squad

Mariana Tinoco - Squad

squad (Joined spring, 2016)

Squad is an online magazine in Spanish for millennial woman in Mexico City. Daily pieces will be published on news, fashion, profiles, culture, tech and lifestyle. It is a welcoming and informative magazine with relatable stories.

 Harry Holmes - TRNGLE

Harry Holmes - TRNGLE

Trngle (JOINED SPRING, 2016)

TRNGLE is a web and app-based platform that enables you to explore people's creative work and gives you the tools you need to develop, market, and recruit for your passion projects or businesses.