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We are Emerson College's hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and work at the intersection of arts, communication, and technology. We empower student entrepreneurs ― via mentorship, space, and funding ― to build the world's next great media and communications companies. We encourage innovators to leverage technology and design thinking to make real-world changes.


We spoke at VOICE, this year's largest voice tech conference from July 24-26. at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Check out our presentation below!

Spring Semester Camps Application Open!

Thinking of starting a company soon Interested in conversational marketing? Well, if so –enroll in our Launch camps, applications are now open.

emerson leads voice innovation

Emerson College is one of 18 colleges, and the only arts and communication-focused institution, chosen to be part of Amazon's fellowship.

While Launch has traditionally been focused on entrepreneurship and startups since its inception in 2014, the program is taking on a new direction by expanding to encompass any and all innovation. We're proud to say that we've helped student startups grow, and are focusing on different kinds of ideation! We're currently in the process of working with Emerson College to do some great work using voice technology.  Check out the About Us page for more information about our work.